Some Simple Steps to Lock/Unlock Biometric Data of Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar card has so much security when it comes to comparing it with all other available Identity or proofs. Well, there are biometric lock that is on your aadhaar card as default. There are some situations when you want to unlock or lock it again. If this is what you want to get done then we are here to help you with our guide and we will help you with our simple steps to teach you about how to lock/Unlock Biometric Data online.

Steps to Follow Lock/Unlock Biometric Data of Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar Biometric

Here are few simple steps that you can follow to lock or unlock your biometric data. So, let us get started –

·         Log on to the official website of UIDAI and open up the portal.

·         They will ask you for the aadhaar card number and put it into the box as asked on the page.

·         Enter the security that appears below the box as to proceed with the work.

·         You will get a OTp on your mobile phone or you can use the TOTP if you have the mAdhaar app.

·         This will send an OTP on your phone and you have to out the same into the OTP box or in case of TOTP you can use the TOTP for the verification.

·         Click on ‘Enable Biometric data” if you want to enable or lock and disable or unlock for the other case.

·         Check your data and verify it once as per your desire.

·         Then your aadhaar card biometric lock will get changed as per your requirements and all you need to do is to follow up these simple steps.

Things you should know about Biometric Lock Service

1) How it Biometric Works?

When you are in the enrollment centre to make your aadhaar card then you will see that your finger print is taken with your iris verification which is used for biometrics and it unlocks when you use your fingerprint again.

2) How to access the service?

You don’t have to do anything to access and when you have your aadhaar card form submission then you have to give your biometrics as to get proper security.

3) Why Locking is recommended?

Locking is important and if your biometrics is not locked then it can be easily accessible by people or hackers which can result in identity theft.

4) How to Lock/Unlock Biometric?

You have to take some of the important steps which you can use to unlock your biometrics data. We have mentioned it earlier and as a whole, you just have to get to the official website of UIDAI and then you have to get into the section where you get all the things for your aadhaar card and as per that you can choose your biometric lock and change it by making all the information placed into them.

All these can help you out and you will easily make all the changes by yourself if you have a stable connection. You can even get to an enrolment centre where you can ask them out for this thing and they will make the update for you and charge you the money.

5) How much it charges to update Biometric Lock?

You have to pay around 25 rupee for one time update and plus 18 percent of the GST with it which is included into it. These things can work out online and you just have to pay them online or when you are at an enrolment centre then you have to pay them via cash or any other reliable ways.