Check Your Aadhar Complaint Status

Aadhaar Card seems to be a blessing for our daily life. As you know, Aadhaar Card is a mandatory document for all Indian citizens. It is a 12-digit unique ID number (UID) which is issued by UIDAI authority.

It is universally accepted as an identity proof. You can avail various benefits like LPG subsidy from the government and it is also helpful for verification of records and several other things. You can easily apply for Aadhar card due to effective control on bureaucracy. You can easily obtain it. All the records you can access are online and Aadhaar card can easily be printed again if you lose one. You can do all this on the go.

The government is trying hard to avoid errors in all systems. However, “To err is human”. There are certain mistakes we come across, such as printing mistakes, wrong data on the card, or card stuck at the system. In those cases, you can raise a complaint. If you have already filed a complaint, there is no need to go through long phone calls. You can simply visit the UIDAI portal or click this link –

Steps to Get Aadhaar Complaint Status

Aadhaar Complaint Center

Checking complaint status is the next step after registering your complaint. Follow these tips to check your complaint status –

  • First of all, you must click this link and select “Check Complaint Status”
  • When you click this link, it will open Complaint Status page.
  • Here, you will need to enter Complaint ID and Security Code.
  • After entering the details, click on green “Check Status” button.
  • Now you can check the current status of your complaint.

Register a New Complaint

Click on this link to access UIDAI Grievance Center page.

Then click on “File a Complaint” link.

You can file complaints related to enrolment agencies and operator (where EID is optional) or in case Aadhaar is not generated (where EID is mandatory).