Aadhar Card download with Aadhaar Number – Download E-Aadhaar

Once you have applied for an Aadhaar card, it is not necessary you have to wait for days to receive the hard copy of your Aadhaar through the postal service. The UIDAI official website provides every applicant option to download the Aadhaar card online. This copy can be used anywhere and is recognized by government institutions also.

So, how to download the E-Aadhaar? It is pretty simple. However, there is some pre-requisite for downloading the E-Aadhaar.


  • Enrolment ID/Aadhaar Number
  • Registered mobile number in hand 

Enrolment ID/Aadhaar number

If you have lost your enrolment ID or if you need to find out your enrolment ID here is the step by step procedure PS: retrieving the information online requires registered mobile number, without a registered mobile number, if don’t have a registered mobile number this method is not possible. To register mobile number, I have mentioned below. However, if you have provided an email ID during registration, this method can be used.

Step 1: visit the official UIDAI website.

Step 2: on the left-hand side you can find a heading “Aadhaar Online Services” and 3 subheadings below that. Under the sub-heading “Aadhaar Enrolment” you can find the last option as “Retrieve Lost UID/EID”. Select this option or click here https://resident.uidai.gov.in/find-uid-eid

Retrieve EID-UID

Step 3: Now you are redirected to a new page with a heading “Retrieve EID/UID” and a fill-up form below it. On the left-hand side, you can see two option, “Aadhaar Number (UID)” and “Enrolment Number (EID)” select the option you want.

Step 4: Now, on the right-hand side you can find a fill-up form to enter the full name, Email, Mobile, and code as shown in the captcha. Enter these details carefully.

Step 5: click “Send OTP” button after completing the fill-in, now the server will send an OTP to your Mobile number and Email ID.

Step 6: Check any one of them and enter the OTP in the box on the right side and press the “Verify OTP” button.

Now if the details entered and the OTP entered matches the records, the “UID/EID” will be displayed on the screen.
Download your Aadhar Card